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Closing street would
enhance property values

FROM ROGER BERGER | At our Assoc. meeting in April 2007 I voiced concern about traffic in our neighborhood because of the 12th St. remake. I drafted a letter for Greg to send to the City Mgr. and Commission, which Greg did. We repeated that process in May, 2008. Obviously, the City has not respond.

I further have been an advocate for closing Russell St. at 11th. (Russell from 12th St. to 11th Street and east on 11 is a State road. North of 11th is a city responsibility.)

Immediately next to the 11th and Russell intersection on the north side I have proposed closing Russell St. and building a U shaped oval berm with flowers and trees. Ideally, we should move this berm south to 12th, if Joe can get State permission.
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(I also have avocated the same idea at Banklick and 12th. Why? Because I belive we need to expand our Assoc. involvement to the entire OSS neighborhood. This Banklick berm would increase the opportunity for people to move on to Banklick as owner occupants and improve the housing stock, which means our neighborhood.)

The net effect of this proposal is little traffic from 9th St. south (not 8th St. because the Pulse residents need access to their home), PLUS the neighborhood housing values would dramatically increase for all the properties north of 9th on Russell, west Robbins from Banklick to the RR tracks and on 11th St. east.

I believe we need to, as a neighborhood, develop a big picture relative to "traffic," develop a strategy and implement it.

Sorry to be so wordy. These have been and are my thoughts.
Thanks, Roger Berger

Important info on 12th Street reconstruction; and suggestion on closing Russell St

FROM JOE MEYER | The bid for the re-construction and widening of 12th street is scheduled to be let at the end of April.

As of my conversation with the District 6 engineer earlier today, the bid will be let in 2 parts: first for I-75 to Russell Street; then in late July a bid will be let for both building a new and re-constructing the existing overpass over the railroad tracks, over to Scott Street. During the bridge re-construction, the bridge will be closed for one to three months.

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During that time, traffic will be re-routed across the 19th Street viaduct.

The 11th Street viaduct cannot handle the weight of trucks and heavy traffic, so the signs will direct drivers south on Russell to 19th Street. No rational person believes knowledgeable drivers will go 15 blocks out of their way to go one block; knowledgeable drivers will either cut across the 11th street viaduct, or down Russell Street through our neighborhood.

A suggestion: when the bridge is closed, we could ask the city to require that all northbound traffic on Russell Street be directed east on 11th Street. This could be accomplished by a barricade at 11th and Russell with appropriate signage - no through (or local) northbound traffic on Russell Street. The advantage of this is that it would eliminate all the northbound traffic on Russell.

The disadvantage is that it would direct all the through traffic onto 11th Street in front of my house. The state transportation cabinet will support this effort, though the final decision actually rests with our Covington City fathers. We would have to get the city to agree with this plan.

If we have an actual experience with a change of this sort, for a legitimate reason, and can measure its effect and impact, then we could make a case for a permanent closure, if that is the will of the neighborhood.

Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

If we decide to go this route it means a concerted effort to convince the city fathers to allow the closure of Russell northbound. Quite frankly, I think this is doable.

One suggestion for controlling
Russell St traffic noise

April Edwards writes: "Traffic on Russell Street is an obvious problem. I'd like to open this conversation up to solutions that involve the entire neighborhood.

I have two suggestions that will benefit all vs. a few - and would love to hear other ideas!

While traffic management is not necessarily a part of branding, it is being considered by the branding committee to reach a solution that will lead to both a safer & more cohesive neighborhood.

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My first suggestion is to have a stop sign placed at 9th and Russell. The unmanaged strip between 8th and Robbins allows drivers to reach excessive speeds, and encourages speeding throughout the rest of the neighborhood.

This is a quick and easy fix that will impact the entire neighborhood by slowing everyone down. I have the paperwork ready to submit, and with the neighborhood's support, I'm sure it will be resolved quickly by the city.

Secondly, I believe that installing traffic islands at both ends of the neighborhood would have a huge impact on both speed and amount of traffic, while still allowing access to the street. It would also create natural boundaries to our neighborhood, unification vs. the rift that would occur if one end or the other were closed. The traffic islands could be quite beautiful, with trees & plantings, or even an architectural element that is in keeping with the streetscape - and provide a home for that sign we've been debating about forever! :)

I'm sure there are other great ideas out there - let's keep the conversation going and see what we come up with.

More car vandalism

Carole Carter reports that some cars in the Ashbrook parking lot were broken into Monday morning, March 23. They took money and change. Don't leave anything of value, even change, visible in your car.

Webcam for Russell Street

MARCH 23 | "OSS webmaster Rick Hines will attempt to install a webcam for Russell Street over the next few weeks, which will be embedded into this site.

Asphalt patches may
stay until late summer

MARCH 20 | ""Regarding the asphalt patches on the streets and sidewalks after they do the gas main work, those are temporary patches until the gas lines are inspected, " reports Suzann Gettys, the city's ombudsman and Neighborhood Services Coordinator.

"Once all the gas line work in the city is done (now thru end of summer), then all the areas will be appropriately re-surfaced and/or restored. I talked to Elaine Jobert about this yesterday.

"I was thinking she would explain it at the meeting. Let me know if you have any questions. The staff to actually address these would be Engineering: Mike Yeager at 292-2112 or myeager@covingtonky.gov.

Vandalism in the neighborhood

"Carole, I know that you share neighborhood news, wanted to give a heads up to the hood - last night someone took a knife to 3 of my tires and now I have to replace them." -- Jo Ann Simpson, February 19

February neighborhood
meeting cancelled

FROM CAROLE CARTER | "After talking with Greg today we have decided to cancel tomorrows meeting, several factors prompting this decision:

The Branding Commitee was unable to meet and therefore won't have anything to report at a February meeting.

The construction issues seem to be 'lightened' thanks to Kathy! Thanks!

Rick Hines is not here, we will have instructional info passed out/forwarded about the great new website! Thanks Rick!

Any ideas for the website (another discussion topic for the mtg tomorrow) can be emailed to me in the interim, I will get that to Rick.

So, all that being said, we wont meet tomorrow night....we will however adhere to the 3rd Thursday of the month schedule with the next meeting being Thursday March 19 7pm.

The meeting location will be decided at a later time with the "big house" owners still being gone!"

Minutes from January 15, 2009, neighborhood
meeting posted

Much was discussed at the last meeting, held on January 15th.


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